Michael Kassan Introduces 3C Ventures at Cannes

Michael Kassan Introduces 3C Ventures at Cannes

Entrepreneur Michael Kassan recently made waves in the industry by hosting a lavish cocktail party in the South of France to unveil his new firm, 3C Ventures. Despite the excitement surrounding the launch, Kassan finds himself in the midst of a legal battle following his departure from Medialink, the company he founded. In light of the ongoing dispute with United Talent Agency, the event was a clear statement of his resilience and determination to forge ahead in the business world.

The exclusive party took place at the prestigious Champagne Bar at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, France. Interestingly, the timing of the event coincided with a soirée hosted by Medialink and iHeartMedia in the Grill restaurant below, featuring a special performance by Lenny Kravitz for VIP guests. Despite the irony of the situation, Kassan remained composed and focused on the significance of the moment. In an interview with Page Six, he expressed his deep connection to Cannes and the pivotal role it has played in his career.

Kassan’s new venture, 3C, is positioned as a consultancy firm, similar to his previous endeavor, but with a higher level of expertise. The CEO’s primary goal is to assist brands in navigating the complex and ever-changing media landscape. The company’s name, 3C, reflects the three key areas of focus: Consulting, convening, and co-investing. With an impressive roster of 10 clients already on board, Kassan shared that 3C has a growing waitlist, indicating a strong demand for their services in the market.

Michael Kassan’s introduction of 3C Ventures at Cannes signifies a new chapter in his illustrious career. Despite the challenges he has faced in recent times, Kassan’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in his latest endeavor. As he forges ahead with his vision for 3C, it is clear that he is poised to make a significant impact in the world of media and consulting.


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