Michaela Coel Decides Against Developing Series Linked to I May Destroy You

Michaela Coel Decides Against Developing Series Linked to I May Destroy You

Recently, it has been revealed that Michaela Coel is no longer moving forward with the development of a series that was originally linked to her highly successful show, I May Destroy You. This decision comes after three years of speculation and anticipation about what was thought to be “I May Destroy You 2.”

Initially, BBC drama director Piers Wenger had hinted at the possibility of a new show that would have connections to the universe of I May Destroy You. However, Phil Clarke, the executive producer of I May Destroy You, disclosed in an interview with Deadline that Coel had explored several ideas for the potential series but ultimately decided against pursuing it further. This news comes as a surprise to fans who were eagerly awaiting the next project from Coel.

I May Destroy You, which premiered during the summer of 2020, was a groundbreaking series that garnered critical acclaim and awards. Based on Coel’s personal experience of sexual assault, the show was praised for its bold storytelling and powerful performances. Despite the success of the series, Coel and her team have chosen not to continue the story in a traditional sense, opting instead to explore new creative endeavors.

Since the conclusion of I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel has been keeping busy with various acting roles. From appearing in blockbuster films like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to starring in upcoming projects such as the remake of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Coel has been showcasing her versatility as a performer. She is currently set to lead the cast of David Lowery’s Mother Mary, alongside Anne Hathaway, in an epic pop drama.

Despite the decision to not pursue a follow-up series, the legacy of I May Destroy You continues to resonate with audiences. The show’s impact on the industry is undeniable, as it has been recognized with multiple awards and accolades. Even with the release of new projects like Baby Reindeer, inspired by creator Richard Gadd’s own experiences, the conversation surrounding I May Destroy You has reignited, highlighting its lasting influence on storytelling and representation.

Michaela Coel’s choice to move away from developing a series linked to I May Destroy You marks a new chapter in her creative journey. While fans may be disappointed by the news, it is clear that Coel is committed to exploring diverse and compelling narratives in her future projects. The decision to prioritize innovation and artistic freedom over expectations demonstrates Coel’s dedication to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions in the entertainment industry.


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