Minnie Driver Speaks Out Against Trump and Republicans

Minnie Driver Speaks Out Against Trump and Republicans

Minnie Driver, a UK actress who has been based in LA for almost three decades, recently revealed that she would find it impossible to live in an American Republican state if Donald Trump were to be reelected. She expressed her concerns in an interview with The Times of London, highlighting the potential difficulties of living in a politically divided country.

Criticism of Trump

Driver did not shy away from criticizing the former president, stating that he deserves to be in prison for his actions. She also raised concerns about the amount of support he continues to receive, both financially and politically. In her view, Trump’s presidency has exposed a troubling underbelly of American society, with millions of people embracing racist attitudes and endorsing harmful policies.

Reflecting on the current political climate in the US, Driver questioned the state of democracy and the resilience of American institutions. She expressed disbelief at the level of support Trump receives, despite his controversial actions and divisive rhetoric. Driver’s decision to return to the UK can be seen as a reflection of her disillusionment with American politics and a desire to distance herself from a volatile situation.

When asked about the political situation in the UK, Driver made a lighthearted comment about the humor in political memes. This contrasted with her more serious comments about the state of affairs in the US, suggesting that she views the UK as a more stable and possibly less polarized political environment. This comparison highlights the differences between the two countries in terms of political discourse and public opinion.

Despite her concerns about the political climate in the US, Driver continues to work in the entertainment industry. She will be appearing as Elizabeth I in The Serpent Queen, a show set to premiere on the Prime Video channel MGM+ in July. This demonstrates Driver’s ability to balance her personal views with her professional commitments, showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress.

Minnie Driver’s outspoken views on Trump and the Republican party offer a unique perspective on the current state of American politics. Her decision to speak out against injustice and inequality serves as a reminder of the importance of using one’s platform to advocate for positive change. As an actress and public figure, Driver continues to inspire others to critically examine the world around them and take a stand against intolerance and division.


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