Morgan Fairchild’s Reaction to Sandra Bernhard’s Apology

Morgan Fairchild’s Reaction to Sandra Bernhard’s Apology

Actress Morgan Fairchild recently responded to an apology from Sandra Bernhard regarding their working relationship on the set of the ABC sitcom Roseanne in the 1990s. Fairchild expressed her gratitude for Bernhard’s words, acknowledging that the set was challenging but attributing it to the nature of show business.

The Apology

During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Sandra Bernhard publicly apologized to Morgan Fairchild for her behavior on the set of Roseanne. She admitted to having a “snotty attitude” towards Fairchild and expressed regret for not treating her better. Fairchild, in turn, appreciated the apology and left the door open for future communication.

Following the public apology, Fairchild took to the microblogging platform X to respond to Bernhard’s words. She welcomed the opportunity to connect with Bernhard and even suggested meeting for coffee to discuss further. Bernhard, in return, expressed her thanks for Fairchild’s understanding and indicated her willingness to meet in person to address any lingering issues.

Despite their previous difficulties on set, both Fairchild and Bernhard have shown a mutual appreciation for each other’s talents and character. Bernhard praised Fairchild for being “groovy, open, and talented,” while Fairchild acknowledged Bernhard as a champion for those in need. The two actresses have expressed admiration for each other’s work and have set the stage for a potential reconciliation over coffee.

The public exchange between Morgan Fairchild and Sandra Bernhard serves as a reminder of the complexities of working relationships in the entertainment industry. Despite past conflicts, both actresses have demonstrated maturity and a willingness to move past their differences. By extending olive branches and showing respect for each other’s talents, Fairchild and Bernhard have laid the groundwork for a potential friendship moving forward.


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