New Film Market Convention to Launch in LA

New Film Market Convention to Launch in LA

As the AFM prepares to move to Las Vegas, a group of independent filmmakers is planning to introduce a new film market and entertainment industry convention in Los Angeles this October. The American Film Convention (AFC) is scheduled to take place from October 15-17, 2024, at Magic Box in Downtown Los Angeles. This event is the brainchild of Mitesh Patel, a grassroots independent filmmaker and producer.

The AFC aims to provide a comprehensive experience for attendees, including a market, auction, conference, product and service showcase, workshops, talks, pitch fests, networking events, and entertainment. The organizers are confident in the potential of the event, with plans to offer over 100,000 square feet of exhibition space and accommodate 400 exhibitors and participants. They are anticipating around 5,000 delegates in the first year.

To ensure the success of the convention, Jon Fitzgerald, a prominent indie filmmaker who co-founded the Slamdance Festival and has experience as Festival Director of AFI and Santa Barbara, will serve as Director of Workshops and Conferences. The event’s website is set to launch soon and is already gaining presence on major social media platforms.

While specific details about funding sources have not been disclosed, the organizers have confirmed that funding is secured from industry sources, individuals, and producers. A deposit has been placed on the venue, indicating a commitment to the event. However, it is unclear whether major film companies have shown interest in participating.

Magic Box, the chosen venue for the AFC, boasts versatility in hosting a variety of events, from large trade shows to intimate screening parties. The organizers plan to enhance the venue with screening facilities to cater to the needs of filmmakers and industry professionals attending the convention.

Mitesh Patel envisions the American Film Convention as an innovative platform that will elevate the global film industry and bring the spotlight back to Los Angeles. He emphasizes the inclusivity of the event, welcoming all professionals in the film industry, regardless of their budget or stage of production. The AFC aims to complement existing industry gatherings and programs while offering fresh and innovative opportunities for collaboration and networking.

For those interested in attending, early bird passes for the AFC are priced at $325, with exhibition spaces available starting at $3,250. In comparison, this year’s AFM will be held in Las Vegas in early November at the Palms Casino Resort, backed by industry body IFTA.

The launch of the American Film Convention in Los Angeles signifies a new era for independent filmmakers and industry professionals looking to expand their networks and showcase their work. With a strong lineup of workshops, networking events, and entertainment offerings, the AFC has the potential to become a significant player in the global film market landscape. The event’s focus on inclusivity and innovation sets it apart from traditional industry gatherings, offering a fresh perspective for all those involved in the filmmaking process.


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