Objective Media Group Consolidates Triple Brew and Betty into New Label

Objective Media Group Consolidates Triple Brew and Betty into New Label

In an exclusive reveal, it has been disclosed that Objective Media Group, a part of All3Media, is merging two well-known UK independent production companies – Triple Brew and Betty – into a single, yet to be named, label. This consolidation will result in the combined slate of both companies, which includes popular shows like The Cube, Lingo, Wheeler Dealers, and Bear Grylls series Bear’s Mission, being brought under one roof. As a consequence of this restructuring, there are reports indicating that there will be job losses within the newly formed entity.

Objective Media Group houses a variety of indie labels covering scripted, factual, and entertainment content. Being one of the most prominent production groups in the UK, it operates from multiple locations across the UK as well as an office in Los Angeles. A noteworthy fact is that the company is owned by All3Media, which is currently undergoing an acquisition process by RedBird IMI in a deal worth $1.45 billion.

Triple Brew Media, a production company specializing in quiz and gameshow content, was established in 2019. Led by Ben Shephard, along with Becca Walker and Ed De Burgh, the company is known for creating shows such as Lingo, The Cube, and Picture Slam hosted by Alan Carr. On the other hand, Betty TV was acquired by All3Media from Discovery in 2017. Headed by David Harrison and Helen Cooke, Betty TV is known for producing shows like Wheeler Dealers, The Undateables, Bear’s Mission, and programs featuring celebrities like Fred Sirieix and Gino D’Acampo.

A spokesperson from the Objective Media Group has confirmed the consolidation of Betty and Triple Brew, stating that the companies are undergoing a strategic restructure within their unscripted labels. The decision to merge these established production labels comes at a time when the UK production sector is facing challenges due to reduced channel spending, a slowdown in streaming investments, and a tougher environment for securing commissions.

The blending of Triple Brew and Betty into a single entity under the umbrella of Objective Media Group signifies a significant change in the landscape of the UK production industry. With a focus on streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency, this strategic move reflects the adaptability of production companies in response to the evolving dynamics of the entertainment sector.


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