Paramount’s Bob Marley: One Love Offshore Success

Paramount’s Bob Marley: One Love Offshore Success

Paramount’s Bob Marley: One Love has seen tremendous success in offshore markets, with audiences coming together to celebrate the life of the legendary reggae icon. The film, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, grossed an impressive $4.9M across 10 markets on its opening day, setting records and making waves in the international box office. With a running international cume of $5.4M, the film is off to a strong start in the overseas market.

Global Launch

The film made significant strides in various markets, with the UK leading the way by grossing $2.3M on its opening day. This marks the biggest opening day for a music biopic ever in the UK, showcasing the strong appeal of Bob Marley’s story to audiences. Similarly, France debuted at the top of the charts with $1.3M, making it the second biggest music biopic opening day ever in the country.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, audiences around the world have embraced Bob Marley: One Love with open arms. In Australia, the film launched to No. 1 with $615K, proving to be the second biggest music biopic opening day ever. Similarly, in Spain, the film had a No. 3 start with $185K, solidifying its status as a top performer among music biopics.

Bob Marley: One Love has not only captured the hearts of audiences internationally but has also set records along the way. In Jamaica, the film scored the biggest opening day of all time with a record-breaking $100K, showcasing the enduring love for Bob Marley in his home country. With strong showings in New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium, and Norway, the film has solidified its status as a global success.

The success of Bob Marley: One Love can be attributed in part to a series of international premieres that generated buzz and excitement around the film. From Kingston, Jamaica, to London, Paris, Berlin, and beyond, the cast and filmmakers embarked on a three-week-long tour to promote the film and engage with fans. These premieres, which featured performances from popular recording artists and custom choreographed moments, proved to be instrumental in generating interest and excitement for the film.

Overall, Paramount’s Bob Marley: One Love has been a standout success in the international box office, with audiences around the world coming together to celebrate the life and music of the legendary reggae icon. As the film continues its global rollout, it is poised to make an even bigger impact and resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.


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