Peter Andre Reflects on the Age Gap with His Wife Emily

Peter Andre Reflects on the Age Gap with His Wife Emily

Peter Andre recently discussed the 16-year age gap between him and his wife Emily during an appearance on Lorraine. The chat show host brought up the topic in light of Kym Marsh’s new relationship with her “toyboy” lover. Despite the age gap, Peter explained that Emily is very sensible and he is young at heart, which helps to balance things out. He joked about their differences, particularly with music preferences, but emphasized that it’s ultimately about how they are with each other.

This is not the first time Peter has addressed their age difference. In a column for new! magazine back in 2022, he expressed his views on age and relationships. He believes that age is subjective and that it depends on the connection between individuals rather than the numbers on paper. Peter shared that he has never felt the age gap between him and Emily, and that their bond is what truly matters in their relationship.

Peter and Emily first met in November 2012 and welcomed their daughter Amelia in January 2014. They tied the knot in July 2015 and later had their son Theo in November 2016, followed by their daughter Arabella in April. In addition to their three children together, Peter is also a father to Princess, 16, and Junior, 19, from his previous marriage to Katie Price. Despite having a blended family, Peter has expressed contentment with Emily and their children.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Peter shared that their family with Emily feels complete. He mentioned that they are most likely not planning to expand their family further, but left the door open by saying “never say never.” He highlighted the importance of bonding with his youngest child, Arabella, as he missed out on that experience with his older children due to work commitments. Peter expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be present for his youngest child and cherish those moments.

Peter Andre’s reflections on the age gap with his wife Emily shed light on their strong bond and shared values that transcend any numerical differences. Their relationship timeline and family dynamics showcase a harmonious blend of love and togetherness. As they approach their ninth wedding anniversary, Peter’s sentiments about their family being complete signify a sense of fulfillment and joy in the present moment.


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