Rachel McAdams: From The Notebook Musical to Broadway Debut

Rachel McAdams: From The Notebook Musical to Broadway Debut

Rachel McAdams, known for her role in the 2004 romantic drama film “The Notebook,” is taking on a new challenge by making her Broadway debut in Mary Jane. Interestingly, while she graces the Broadway stage for the first time, the musical adaptation of “The Notebook” continues to captivate audiences. In an interview on The Broadway Show with Tamsen Fadal, McAdams expressed her amusement at the coincidence. She shared an anecdote about a friend’s mom mistakenly assuming she was part of The Notebook musical, showcasing the quirky twist of fate.

Under the direction of Anne Kauffman, Mary Jane started its previews on April 2 at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre as a production by the Manhattan Theatre Club. Meanwhile, The Notebook musical is enchanting theatergoers at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. McAdams mentioned her excitement about catching the musical post her play’s limited run in June. She expressed her anticipation, stating, “I can’t wait to see it. I think it’s so exciting to see it take on a whole other life like this; it blows my mind.”

McAdams, who starred opposite Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, brought to life the characters of Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun from the Nicholas Sparks novel. While reminiscing about her time on set, McAdams appreciates the enduring impact of the film and the opportunity to witness its adaptation into a musical. She reflects on the romance and nostalgia associated with The Notebook, which continues to resonate with audiences across different mediums.

Transitioning from a beloved film to a Broadway debut marks a significant milestone in Rachel McAdams’ career. As she navigates the world of theater, she embraces the unique connection between her past work in The Notebook and her current theatrical endeavor. McAdams’ journey from Hollywood to Broadway highlights her versatility as an actress and her willingness to explore new artistic horizons. As audiences eagerly await her performances in Mary Jane, the allure of The Notebook musical adds an extra layer of intrigue to McAdams’ theatrical narrative.


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