Ramy Youssef’s Saturday Night Live Monologue: A Call for Palestine and Female President

Ramy Youssef’s Saturday Night Live Monologue: A Call for Palestine and Female President

Ramy Youssef, during his hosting of Saturday Night Live, shared a powerful message about the suffering of his friend’s family in Gaza. His friend reached out to him, asking for prayers for the people in Palestine and the hostages. Youssef shared his emotional response, highlighting the complexity of his prayers as he prayed for an end to the violence and suffering in the region.

In addition to addressing the situation in Palestine, Youssef also touched on American politics. He recounted a story about the Joe Biden campaign reaching out to him for support in reaching Arab America. Youssef humorously questioned whether he could change the course of American history with his influence. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the current options for president, suggesting that the next president should be a woman and even pushing further to propose a trans woman as the ideal candidate.

Youssef’s comments about a trans woman president were met with mixed reactions from the audience. He acknowledged the lack of support for his suggestion but stood by his vision of an inspiring and transformative leader. Despite the humor in his monologue, Youssef’s call for change in American politics and support for Palestine carried a deeper message about the need for compassion and progress in society.

Overall, Ramy Youssef’s Saturday Night Live monologue was a blend of humor, introspection, and advocacy. By sharing personal stories and reflecting on current events, Youssef urged his audience to consider the importance of prayer, peace, and progressive leadership. His vision for a better future, both in America and in countries like Palestine, resonated with viewers and sparked conversations about the role of comedy in addressing social issues.


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