Reevaluating Brian Cox’s Critique on Joaquin Phoenix and Trump’s Influence

Reevaluating Brian Cox’s Critique on Joaquin Phoenix and Trump’s Influence

In a recent interview, renowned actor Brian Cox expressed his strong opinions on Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film “Napoleon.” Cox did not hold back, labeling Phoenix’s performance as “terrible” and “appalling.” He went on to criticize the actor’s choices and implied that he would have played the role much better himself. Cox even took a jab at Phoenix’s name, suggesting that it reflects the “whacky” nature of his performance.

Apart from criticizing Phoenix, Cox also touched on Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart,” dismissing it as “a load of nonsense.” While acknowledging Gibson’s performance, Cox pointed out the historical inaccuracies in the film, especially the portrayal of impregnating the French princess, which he referred to as “bollocks.” This critique sheds light on Cox’s attention to detail and commitment to historical accuracy in cinema.

One of the most striking statements from Cox’s interview was his contemplation of leaving the United States if Donald Trump wins the presidential election. This decision highlights the impact of politics on individuals and their willingness to stay in a particular country. Cox expressed his concerns over Trump’s leadership abilities, labeling him as an “idiot” and emphasizing the need for competent governance in the U.S.

While Cox’s critique on Joaquin Phoenix’s performance may come off as harsh, it reflects his high standards and passion for quality acting. His comments on historical inaccuracies in films also showcase his attention to detail and commitment to authenticity. Furthermore, Cox’s willingness to consider leaving the U.S. based on political factors is a bold stance that underscores the importance of leadership in shaping individuals’ decisions.

Overall, Brian Cox’s recent interview provides valuable insights into the entertainment industry, historical accuracy in films, and the intersection of politics and personal decisions. His blunt critique of Joaquin Phoenix’s performance and his contemplation of leaving the U.S. if Trump wins the election serve as thought-provoking aspects of his persona. Cox’s opinions invite audiences to reevaluate their perspectives on acting, filmmaking, and the influence of politics on everyday lives.


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