Rihanna Teases Fans with Bold Fashion Statement

Rihanna Teases Fans with Bold Fashion Statement

Rihanna’s fans have been left disappointed once again as the singer was recently spotted in New York City wearing a graphic tee that read, “I’m retired. This is as dressed up as I get.” This bold fashion statement has led to speculation that new music from the “Diamonds” hitmaker may be further delayed.

Fans took to social media to express their frustration at the news of Rihanna possibly retiring from music. One fan tweeted, “Rihanna literally said f**k yall, I’m retired. never getting an album from a retired queen.” Another eager fan wrote, “Not Rihanna being spotted wearing an ‘I’m retired’ shirt.. GIRL IF YOU DON’T GET IN THE BOOTH!!” It is clear that fans are eagerly awaiting new music from the Grammy-winning songstress.

Conflicting Statements

Despite the message on her shirt, Rihanna has previously confirmed that she is working on a new album. In an interview with Extra in April, she stated, “It’s gonna be amazing… It has to be – that is the only reason it’s not out yet.” She emphasized the importance of growth in her music and expressed her desire to have fun with it.

Many fans are frustrated with the lack of clarity on a release date for Rihanna’s new album. Rihanna herself had mentioned in a previous interview that it would be “ridiculous” if the album did not come out this year. However, with conflicting statements and delays, fans are left wondering when they will finally get to hear new music from the singer.

Rihanna has been teasing fans with the prospect of new music since 2019, when she first claimed to be done with “R9”. She even joked on Instagram about listening to the album by herself and refusing to release it. While fans eagerly await new music, Rihanna has been focused on other ventures such as motherhood and expanding her Fenty Beauty brand to include haircare.

Overall, Rihanna’s bold fashion statement has left fans questioning when they will finally get to hear new music from the iconic singer. Despite her teasing and promises of a new album, the uncertainty surrounding a release date continues to frustrate fans. Only time will tell when Rihanna will grace us with her highly anticipated ninth studio album.


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