Robert Downey Jr.’s Reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Joke

Robert Downey Jr.’s Reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Joke

Robert Downey Jr., known for his role as Oppenheimer, recently won an Academy Award for his performance in the Christopher Nolan-directed film. Despite being the target of a joke by Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars, Downey Jr. seemed unfazed by it, even going as far as to joke back.

In a new interview, Downey Jr. shared his thoughts on the joke, stating that he doesn’t care and that he loves Jimmy Kimmel, considering him a national treasure. However, Jodie Foster, who worked with Downey Jr. in 1995’s Home for the Holidays, expressed her concerns for the actor’s well-being.

Foster mentioned that she was scared for Downey Jr. during the filming of the movie due to his struggles with addiction. Despite recognizing his genius and creativity, Foster highlighted that he lacked discipline. She acknowledged his potential but was worried about his future if he didn’t make a change.

Despite her concerns, Foster also expressed faith in people’s ability to change if they truly desire it. She mentioned that Downey Jr. wanted to make a change and believed in his capability to overcome his struggles with addiction. Foster’s words showcase her empathy and concern for the actor’s well-being.

Robert Downey Jr.’s reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s joke at the Oscars demonstrates his resilient attitude towards criticism and his ability to maintain a positive outlook despite past challenges. Jodie Foster’s insights into Downey Jr.’s struggles highlight the importance of recognizing one’s potential while also acknowledging the need for self-discipline and personal growth. Ultimately, the support and understanding of colleagues like Foster can play a crucial role in an individual’s journey towards positive change and personal development.


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