Scottish Actor Sam Heughan Jokes About Stealing Taylor Swift from Travis Kelce

Scottish Actor Sam Heughan Jokes About Stealing Taylor Swift from Travis Kelce

Scottish actor Sam Heughan, known for his role as Jamie Fraser in “Outlander,” jokingly revealed his plan to steal Taylor Swift from Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce at her Eras Tour stop in Edinburgh, Scotland. He humorously mentioned that when Swift sees him in the audience in a ginger wig, she will forget all about Kelce and fall for him instead.

Heughan’s playful banter with Swift might appear as innocent fun, but it seems like the actor might have some competition on his hands. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been in a strong relationship since last summer, with their connection sparking after Kelce attended one of Swift’s concerts in Kansas City, Missouri.

Despite Kelce’s initial disappointment at not being able to give Swift a friendship bracelet at the concert, their relationship blossomed after he mentioned her on his podcast. Swift took a chance on Kelce, and they decided to keep their relationship low-key before making it public in September 2023. Rumors have even surfaced that the couple may be planning to get engaged this summer.

Heughan’s bold move to playfully challenge Kelce for Swift’s affection adds a humorous twist to the ongoing saga. Although he might be confident in his ability to woo Swift, only time will tell if his ginger wig and charm can outshine Kelce’s efforts to keep the pop star by his side.

In the world of celebrity relationships and playful rivalries, it’s all in good fun. Whether Sam Heughan will succeed in his mission to steal Taylor Swift away from Travis Kelce remains to be seen. However, one thing is for sure – the entertainment world always loves a good romantic drama, especially when it involves talented individuals like Heughan, Swift, and Kelce.


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