Shakira’s Career Post-Separation

Shakira’s Career Post-Separation

Shakira recently opened up about how her career took a back seat for many years because of her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. The Colombian singer admitted that she sacrificed a lot for love by putting her career on hold to be by Piqué’s side while he focused on playing football. This decision led her to prioritize raising their two children, Milan and Sasha, and to step away from the spotlight for some time.

In June 2022, Shakira and Piqué announced their separation in a joint statement, expressing their regret over the decision. The couple requested privacy for the well-being of their children, making it clear that their kids were their top priority. The separation came as a shock to many fans who had followed their relationship over the years, especially considering their public displays of affection and family-oriented lifestyle.

Dealing with Infidelity

Reports later surfaced that Shakira was devastated to learn about Piqué’s alleged infidelity with his now-girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti. The news of the affair was particularly heartbreaking for Shakira, who found out about it in an unexpected manner. Despite the pain caused by the betrayal, Shakira channeled her emotions into her music and released a song titled “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol 53,” where she alluded to the situation in the lyrics.

Shakira has been vocal about her belief in lasting love and commitment, expressing her desire for a lifelong partnership similar to that of her parents. She spoke about her parents’ enduring marriage and the love they share even after many years together, highlighting her belief that such relationships are possible and worth fighting for. Shakira’s idealistic views on love and family influenced her decisions in her own relationship with Piqué.

Legal Troubles

Apart from her personal struggles, Shakira faced legal troubles in November 2023 when she pleaded guilty to tax evasion in Spain. As part of a deal, she received a suspended three-year sentence and was required to pay a significant sum of money. The legal issues added another layer of challenges to Shakira’s already tumultuous life, forcing her to navigate both personal and professional difficulties simultaneously.

Despite the setbacks and challenges she has faced in recent years, Shakira remains focused on her music and upcoming projects. She is gearing up to release a new album titled “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran,” signaling her dedication to her artistic career and her commitment to moving forward. Shakira’s resilience and determination to overcome obstacles highlight her strength as a woman and as an artist, showing that she is ready to embrace the next chapter of her life with optimism and courage.


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