Sharon Stone’s Failed Barbie Movie Pitch

Sharon Stone’s Failed Barbie Movie Pitch

Sharon Stone recently shared details of a failed pitch for a Barbie film she had in the 1990s. The actress attempted to create a movie that portrayed Barbie as a powerful figure, with the opening scene featuring Barbie arriving at the Mattel headquarters in her iconic car. However, the studio executives did not respond well to the idea and Stone, along with her producer friend, was promptly thrown out of the studio. The executives questioned why Stone would want to destroy an American icon like Barbie.

Stone’s vision for the Barbie movie was to showcase the power and influence of the iconic doll. She described a scene where Barbie is treated like royalty upon her arrival at Mattel, with everyone falling over themselves to cater to her every need. The movie was meant to explore the idea of Barbie as a powerful figure who could make a significant impact on the world.

Despite Stone’s enthusiasm for the project, the studio executives at the time did not believe that Barbie should be portrayed as a powerful character. They rejected the idea of Barbie being a figure of authority and instead wanted to maintain her traditional image. Stone revealed that she was escorted out of the studio and given a lecture on why her vision for Barbie was not in line with the company’s beliefs.

Reflection on Progress

In a recent social media post, Stone reflected on the experience of pitching the Barbie movie. She expressed gratitude to actresses like America Ferrera for their courage and endurance in the face of adversity. Stone acknowledged how far the industry has come since the 1990s, with more opportunities for diverse and empowering female characters on screen.

Ultimately, Sharon Stone’s failed pitch for a Barbie movie serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by women in Hollywood when it comes to breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries. Despite the setback, Stone’s vision for Barbie as a powerful and influential character continues to resonate with audiences, reflecting a shift towards more inclusive and diverse storytelling in the entertainment industry.


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