Sheridan Smith Shines in Opening Night

Sheridan Smith Shines in Opening Night

Sheridan Smith has proven time and time again that she is a versatile actress. From making audiences laugh in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps to portraying real-life figures in dramas like Cilla and Mrs Biggs, she has showcased her incredible range. Her latest role in Opening Night further demonstrates her talent as she takes on the role of troubled theatre actress Myrtle Gordon.

A Powerful Performance

In Opening Night, Sheridan Smith brings a unique blend of vulnerability, rawness, and catharsis to the character of Myrtle. The play, directed by Ivo van Hove, follows the cast and crew of a fictional production as they prepare for their Broadway debut, all while dealing with the challenges that come with Myrtle’s mental breakdown. Through this role, Smith showcases her astounding singing talents and emotional depth.

Sheridan Smith has been candid about her own struggles with anxiety, alcohol, self-doubt, and grief. This personal connection to the material adds an extra layer of authenticity to her performance as Myrtle. Having experienced her own “meltdown” in 2016, Smith brings a depth of understanding to the role that is palpable on stage.

While Sheridan Smith shines in the role of Myrtle, she is supported by a talented ensemble cast. Hadley Fraser and John Marquez deliver brilliant performances as the director and producer of the production within the play. Additionally, Nicola Hughes and Shira Haas bring depth and nuance to their characters, adding to the richness of the story.

Throughout Opening Night, the audience is taken on an emotional journey as they witness Myrtle’s struggles and the chaos that unfolds behind the scenes. The real-time filming adds an intimate element to the production, allowing viewers to see every tear, smile, and grimace up close. The evocative musical numbers further enhance the emotional depth of the play, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.

A Message of Hope

Despite the turmoil and despair that permeate Opening Night, the play ultimately concludes on a hopeful note. Myrtle’s journey, though filled with challenges, points towards a second act in her life. The question of whether she wins or loses is posed, leaving the audience to ponder the outcome.

Sheridan Smith’s performance in Opening Night is a tour de force. Her portrayal of Myrtle Gordon is raw, vulnerable, and deeply moving. Supported by a talented cast and creative team, Smith brings a new level of depth to the character, creating a truly unforgettable theatrical experience.


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