Skatebirds: Tony Hawk’s Latest Adventure in Animation

Skatebirds: Tony Hawk’s Latest Adventure in Animation

Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboard champion, has set his sights on a new challenge – animation. Teaming up with Montreal’s Laughing Dragon Studios, Hawk is in the process of developing a new animated TV series called Skatebirds. This series is aimed at children aged 6-11 and draws inspiration from Hawk’s own ‘Birdman’ nickname.

Skatebirds will follow a group of young skateboard enthusiasts, who happen to be birds, as they come together to support their hometown and showcase the power of teamwork. The series aims to celebrate the playful community of skateboarding while highlighting its adventurous nature. Through themes of friendship and community, Skatebirds will embody the spirit of the skateboarding world that Hawk has come to embody throughout his career.

While Hawk is known for his incredible skateboarding feats, including the first documented successful ‘900’ trick, his influence extends far beyond the skatepark. He created The Skatepark Project to fund public skateparks and has lent his name to a popular video game franchise. In 2021, HBO even released a feature documentary on his life and career. His partnership with Laughing Dragon Studios for Skatebirds is just the latest example of Hawk’s commitment to expanding the reach of skateboarding.

Hawk expressed his excitement about the series, noting that skateboarding has the ability to unite communities, promote physical activity, and build self-confidence. Skatebirds aims to appeal to a global audience, regardless of whether they actively participate in the sport. The series will also have shorter formats for platforms like TikTok and YouTube, further expanding its reach.

Laughing Dragon Studios, a full-service 2D animation studio, has a track record of successful projects such as Apple TV+’s Central Park and Disney’s Disenchanted. They are also spearheading other projects like Isaac & Friends, demonstrating their versatility in the animation industry. With Skatebirds, Laughing Dragon Studios aims to bring the world of skateboarding to life in a unique and engaging way.

Overall, Skatebirds represents a new chapter in Tony Hawk’s storied career, showcasing his ability to transcend boundaries and explore new creative avenues. With the combination of Hawk’s skateboarding expertise and Laughing Dragon Studios’ animation prowess, Skatebirds is poised to captivate audiences of all ages with its message of friendship, teamwork, and adventure.


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