Stars Who Lost Their Oscars: A Look at the Misfortune of Some Famous Actors

Stars Who Lost Their Oscars: A Look at the Misfortune of Some Famous Actors

The Oscars can be the pinnacle of success for many actors and actresses, representing the ultimate recognition by their peers for their hard work and talent. Some choose to keep their iconic statues in unique places, showcasing their individual personalities. For instance, Robert De Niro entrusts his awards to the University of Texas, while musician H.E.R proudly displays her Oscar as a centerpiece on her dining room table.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to keep track of their Oscars, as some have lost or had theirs stolen. One such example is Jared Leto, who won Best Supporting Actor in 2014 for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Leto initially kept his Oscar in his kitchen, but during a house move, the statue mysteriously disappeared. Despite extensive searching, Leto expressed hope that it is in good hands wherever it may be.

Frances McDormand, a three-time Oscar winner, experienced the distress of having her award stolen at an after-party following her 2018 win for Best Actress in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Similarly, Whoopi Goldberg, best supporting actress winner for Ghost in 1990, had her Oscar go missing when she sent it out for cleaning in 2002. The award was eventually found in a waste bin at Ontario airport and safely returned to Goldberg, who vowed never to let it out of her sight again.

Legendary actress Vivien Leigh faced a burglary that resulted in the theft of her Oscar for A Streetcar Named Desire in 1952. While the original statue was never recovered, the Academy replaced it shortly after the theft. Hattie McDaniel, the first Black Oscar winner for her role in Gone with the Wind in 1939, left her award to Howard University in her will, only for it to go missing at some point in the Sixties. The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of her Oscar remain a mystery, with various theories suggesting different fates for the iconic statue.

Even acclaimed actors like Marlon Brando have faced mishaps with their Oscars. In his autobiography, Brando revealed that he had lost both of the Oscars awarded to him over the years, showcasing a more casual attitude towards the prestigious awards.

The journey of an Oscar does not always end with a safekeeping spot on a mantle or shelf. Despite the recognition and honor that comes with winning such a prestigious award, some stars have had to face the unfortunate reality of losing or having their Oscars stolen. These incidents serve as a reminder that material possessions, no matter how significant, can be fleeting, and it is the talent and dedication of the artists behind the awards that truly leave a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.


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