Steve Treviño’s A Simple Man Comedy Special Coming to Netflix

Steve Treviño’s A Simple Man Comedy Special Coming to Netflix

Netflix recently announced that the latest comedy special from Steve Treviño, titled A Simple Man, is set to premiere on March 12th. Filmed at The Tobin Center in San Antonio, TX, the special will feature Treviño’s humorous take on various aspects of everyday life, including living with a Type-A Virgo wife, dealing with household disagreements, and navigating the challenges of parenting in the modern world.

In A Simple Man, Treviño shares stories from his personal life, such as nostalgic anecdotes about his dad’s broken-down truck, an unlikely love story, and reflections on raising spoiled kids. As a husband, father, and son, he humorously portrays the relatable struggles and triumphs of being a “simple man.” Directed by Treviño’s wife, Renae Treviño, the special is a heartfelt and comedic exploration of family dynamics and everyday experiences.

The comedy special was produced by Rick Cikowski, with Steve Treviño serving as an executive producer alongside Joe Meloche and David Karabinas. With a strong social media following and millions of views on platforms like YouTube and Prime Video, Treviño has established himself as a prominent figure in the comedy world. His past specials, such as I Speak Wife and My Life in Quarantine, have resonated with audiences and showcased his talent for storytelling and observational humor.

Treviño’s partnership with his wife, Renae, extends beyond the comedy special, as the couple also co-host a podcast called Steve Treviño and Captain Evil. Through their podcast, they tackle a range of topics related to relationships, family, and stand-up comedy, providing listeners with a unique and entertaining perspective on life’s ups and downs. As Treviño embarks on his new tour, “The Good Life,” he continues to explore new opportunities for creative expression and connection with his audience.

Currently represented by Arsonhouse Entertainment and CAA, Treviño’s career is on an upward trajectory as he solidifies his place in the comedy landscape. With a blend of relatable storytelling, sharp wit, and genuine authenticity, Treviño’s comedy resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, making him a versatile and dynamic performer in the entertainment industry. As A Simple Man makes its debut on Netflix, audiences can look forward to an evening of laughter, reflection, and insight from one of comedy’s rising stars.


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