Swift and Kelce Skip Coachella for a Date Night at Sushi Park

Swift and Kelce Skip Coachella for a Date Night at Sushi Park

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made headlines when they decided to opt for a quiet evening together at Sushi Park in Los Angeles, instead of attending the star-studded Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The couple, who have been together since last summer, were spotted holding hands and entering the Japanese restaurant side by side.

Swift sported a black top, denim skirt, sneakers, and a red bomber jacket for the occasion, accessorizing with a tan handbag and her signature red lip. On the other hand, Kelce looked handsome in a stylish olive green sweater and shorts set, paired with sneakers. Despite Kelce appearing somewhat serious, Swift was seen smiling during parts of their conversation.

Kelce had recently flown to Cincinnati for a live podcast show with his brother Jason Kelce. The event included an honorary graduation ceremony for the brothers, who were unable to attend their own years ago. Swift couldn’t make it to the event but was there symbolically through Travis wearing friendship bracelets and dancing to her hit song “Shake It Off.”

Though Swift and Kelce missed Lana Del Rey’s performance at Coachella, they are expected to make an appearance at the festival soon. They are also looking forward to checking out Jack Antonoff’s band, Bleachers, who are set to perform on upcoming dates. The couple is planning to stay at the exclusive members-only resort, the Madison Club in La Quinta, California.

Despite missing out on Coachella on Friday, Swift and Kelce’s date night at Sushi Park was a reminder of the couple’s ability to prioritize each other amidst busy schedules. With exciting plans for the festival and their shared future, fans can’t wait to see more of this power couple in the days to come.


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