Swifties Stand Up for Travis Kelce at Taylor Swift Concert

Swifties Stand Up for Travis Kelce at Taylor Swift Concert

Taylor Swift’s loyal fans, known as Swifties, recently came to the defense of her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, during her Eras World Tour stop in Singapore. A video captured by TMZ showed the Kansas City Chiefs star engrossed in his phone while Swift was performing on stage. Despite the fan who filmed the video seemingly criticizing Kelce’s behavior, the Swifties were quick to stand up for him.

Instead of condemning Kelce for being on his phone during the concert, Swift’s fans pointed out that it’s normal for people to check their phones occasionally, even during a live performance that lasts for several hours. Screenshots obtained by the outlet showed one fan defending Kelce, stating that it’s understandable for him to glance at his phone from time to time.

During the show, Taylor Swift made a sweet gesture towards her boyfriend by changing the lyrics to one of her songs to include a reference to Kelce. She sang, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me,” as Kelce enthusiastically waved his hands in the air near the stage. This public display of affection further solidified their relationship in the eyes of both fans and the media.

After the concert concluded, Swift and Kelce shared a passionate moment backstage. The singer ran into Kelce’s arms and embraced him, followed by a heartfelt kiss before they disappeared behind the curtains. This romantic gesture showcased the deep connection between the two and added a personal touch to the concert experience for both fans and onlookers.

Despite the sweet moments shared between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the Singapore concert, the “Cruel Summer” singer is scheduled to perform another show in the city before taking a two-month break from her tour. The support and affection displayed by both Swifties and Kelce himself highlight the strong bond between the couple, proving that love can indeed thrive in the midst of fame and fortune.


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