The Appointment of Steven Schiffman as Executive Chairman of EarthxTV

The Appointment of Steven Schiffman as Executive Chairman of EarthxTV

In a recent development, former Nat Geo Channels executive Steven Schiffman has been named as the Executive Chairman of EarthxTV, a network dedicated to sustainability and conservation. This appointment marks a significant change in the leadership structure of the network, with Schiffman set to oversee its operations and strategic direction.

Steven Schiffman brings with him a wealth of experience in the media and consumer industries. Prior to joining EarthxTV, he served as the CEO of Cooper Media, where he launched successful television channels that were later acquired by TEGNA Media. He has also held leadership positions at renowned organizations such as the Washington Post, National Geographic Channels, The Weather Channel, NASCAR, and Kraft Foods, demonstrating his versatility and expertise in the field.

Role and Responsibilities

As the Executive Chairman of EarthxTV, Schiffman will be responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the network’s team. He will work closely with Dan Russell, President of EarthxTV, who will now report directly to him. Additionally, Schiffman will serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, overseeing key decision-making processes and strategic initiatives.

EarthxTV, a subsidiary of Trammell S. Crow’s EarthX, has gained significant traction since its launch in 2022. With programs focusing on environmental issues such as forest fires, marine conservation, and biodiversity, the network has attracted a wide audience across the United States. Through distribution on various cable and FAST channels, EarthxTV is available in over 22 million homes, reaching a diverse group of viewers.

Future Prospects

Trammell S. Crow, Founder of EarthX, expressed confidence in Steven Schiffman’s leadership, emphasizing the network’s commitment to delivering engaging content that promotes sustainability and conservation. Schiffman, in turn, expressed his dedication to guiding EarthxTV towards a more sustainable future, highlighting the importance of addressing environmental challenges through impactful media initiatives.

Steven Schiffman’s appointment as Executive Chairman of EarthxTV signifies a new chapter for the network as it aims to expand its reach and influence. With his extensive experience and proven track record in the industry, Schiffman is poised to lead EarthxTV towards greater success and global recognition in the realm of sustainable media.


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