The Battle of Two Fitness Trainers: Tracy Anderson vs. Megan Roup

The Battle of Two Fitness Trainers: Tracy Anderson vs. Megan Roup

In a recent court decision, claims of copyright infringement in celeb trainer Tracy Anderson’s lawsuit against her former employee-turned-rival, Megan Roup, have been dismissed. Roup left Anderson to create the popular Sculpt Society, which has gained a significant following in the fitness industry. Despite this setback for Anderson, there is still a remaining claim of breach of contract that could potentially go to trial if not resolved through settlement.

Roup’s lawyer is celebrating the dismissal of the copyright claims as a victory for the fitness industry as a whole. However, Anderson’s side argues that the court did not fully analyze specific choreographic works that are allegedly protected by copyright. Roup worked for Anderson for several years before branching out on her own to start Sculpt Society, attracting a new wave of celebrity followers.

Tracy Anderson’s lawyer, Gina Durham of DLA Piper, emphasizes that Anderson initiated the lawsuit to protect her unique art form that she has meticulously developed over the years. The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, false advertising, and other claims against Roup and Sculpt Society. Anderson seeks to vindicate her rights against what she views as improper capitalization and benefitting from her hard work.

Despite the dismissal of some claims, the legal battle between Tracy Anderson and Megan Roup is far from over. Both parties are prepared to take the remaining breach of contract claim to trial if a settlement is not reached. Anderson’s lawyer is adamant about pursuing protection for the specific choreographic works registered with the Copyright Office.

The ongoing dispute between Tracy Anderson and Megan Roup highlights the complexities of intellectual property in the fitness industry. As both trainers continue to assert their rights and defend their work, the outcome of the trial will have significant implications for the broader fitness community. Whether the case is settled out of court or proceeds to trial, it will undoubtedly shape the future landscape of fitness and copyright law.


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