The Challenges of Making an Airplane Movie: Ruben Östlund’s Latest Film

The Challenges of Making an Airplane Movie: Ruben Östlund’s Latest Film

Creating a successful airplane movie is no easy feat, as emphasized by Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund during his recent press conference in Cannes. Östlund discussed his upcoming film, The Entertainment System Is Down, which features a star-studded cast led by Kirsten Dunst and Daniel Brühl. The film, a social satire set on a long-haul flight where the entertainment systems fail, promises to deliver a unique and thought-provoking viewing experience.

Östlund delved into the plot of The Entertainment System Is Down, revealing that it centers around a man who falls asleep beside his wife after the entertainment systems on the flight malfunction. When the wife, bored, unlocks her husband’s phone and discovers his infidelities, the couple must navigate the emotional turmoil during the flight. This premise sets the stage for an intense and captivating storyline that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

In addition to Dunst and Brühl, The Entertainment System Is Down will feature performances from Keanu Reeves and Nicholas Hoult. Brühl shared how he became involved in the project, recounting a casual encounter with Östlund at a barbecue in Majorca. Dunst, on the other hand, auditioned for her role through a self-tape, showcasing her dedication to the craft of acting. The diverse and talented cast brings a range of perspectives and experiences to the film, enriching the storytelling and character dynamics.

Östlund’s distinctive directorial style, honed through films like Force Majeure and The Square, promises to bring a fresh and engrossing perspective to The Entertainment System Is Down. Known for pushing the boundaries of cinema and exploring complex social themes, Östlund’s work challenges audiences to think deeply about the world around them. With this latest project, he is poised to continue his streak of critical and commercial success.

The Entertainment System Is Down marks Östlund’s return to Cannes, where he will premiere his second English-language film. With a track record that includes two Palme d’Or wins, Östlund is a formidable presence in the world of international cinema. The film’s Swedish-German-French co-production highlights the global appeal of Östlund’s storytelling, showcasing his ability to transcend cultural boundaries and create universally resonant narratives. As the Cannes Market comes to a close, the buzz surrounding The Entertainment System Is Down continues to grow, fueling anticipation for its eventual release.

The Entertainment System Is Down is poised to make a lasting impact on audiences around the world, offering a fresh take on the challenges of modern life and interpersonal relationships. With a talented cast, an engaging plot, and a visionary director at the helm, this film is sure to captivate and provoke viewers in equal measure. Ruben Östlund’s latest work is a testament to the power of cinema to inspire, provoke, and entertain, and it is a fitting addition to his impressive body of work.


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