The Controversial Life of Brandon Miller

The Controversial Life of Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller, a real estate mogul and managing partner at REEC, tragically passed away at the age of 43 in the Hamptons, NY. He was married to Candice Miller, the founder of Mama + Tata, and they had two children together. Brandon had been working at REEC, a company founded by his father Michael Miller, since 2004. The company has been involved in various development projects across the US, including 985 Park Avenue in New York City.

Despite his success in the real estate industry, Brandon Miller faced several lawsuits during his lifetime. In a 2019 suit, it was alleged that his father instructed his assistant to forge Brandon’s signature on loan documents for a development project. Additionally, in 2022, Brandon, along with his mother and sister, were sued by TD Bank for allegedly completing fraudulent transfers to prevent the bank from accessing over $2 million. Furthermore, Brandon was involved in a legal dispute with a Hamptons marina over $55,000 in unpaid docking fees.

Brandon’s wife, Candice Miller, is a prominent figure in the Hamptons social scene. In addition to founding Mama + Tata with her sister, Jenna Crespi, Candice also co-founded the vintage clothing line Black Iris and serves as a top buyer for the Southampton shop Tenet. She is well-connected within the social circles of the Hamptons, including being acquainted with figures like Ivanka Trump.

The passing of Brandon Miller has left a void in the real estate industry and his family. Despite his legal troubles, Brandon’s work at REEC and his influence in the development sector cannot be denied. As Candice Miller navigates this difficult time, her contributions to the fashion and lifestyle scene in the Hamptons continue to resonate. The controversy surrounding Brandon’s life serves as a reminder of the complexities that can exist behind the facade of success in the business world.


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