The Cyrus Family Drama: A Closer Look at the Feud

The Cyrus Family Drama: A Closer Look at the Feud

It seems that Noah Cyrus, the 24-year-old singer, recently showed her appreciation for Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram post by liking his gym selfie. The post, which Hemsworth captioned “#Legday,” featured him sporting muscled arms in a tank top and adidas sweats. Despite the innocent nature of the like, it sparked some controversy among fans, with one even going as far as calling Noah “messy” in the comments section.

The liking of Hemsworth’s post comes during a time when rumors of a feud within the Cyrus family are circulating. Tensions seem to have arisen following reports that Tish Cyrus, the mother of Noah and Miley Cyrus, began dating Dominic Purcell, who had a romantic history with Noah. According to sources, Noah and Purcell were allegedly dating for several months before Tish pursued a relationship with him, causing some drama within the family.

Miley Cyrus, the older sister of Noah, reportedly had no knowledge of the situation between her mother and Purcell. Upon finding out, Miley confronted her mom about the relationship, expressing her concerns and confusion. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Miley ultimately wants her mother to be happy and has chosen to support her throughout this ordeal.

In an effort to address the issues that have arisen due to the relationship, Tish and Purcell have started therapy to work on their communication. The strain caused by the drama has put a wedge between them, and it will take time for them to heal and rebuild their connection. Despite the challenges they are facing, the couple seems committed to making things work and moving forward together.

Tish and Purcell made their relationship public in November 2022 and eventually tied the knot in a ceremony held in Miley’s backyard nine months later. This whirlwind romance unfolded just over a year after Tish filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Billy Ray Cyrus. The public nature of their relationship and eventual marriage have brought the family drama to light, further complicating the already tense situation within the Cyrus family.


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