The Divorce of Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb: A Closer Look

The Divorce of Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb: A Closer Look

Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb recently made a heart-wrenching announcement regarding their decision to end their six-year marriage. In an interview with The Sun, the couple, who departed from Gogglebox in 2023, disclosed the reasons behind their split. Stephen, aged 52, expressed, “It’s with much sadness Daniel and I have decided to divorce. There is, and always will be, a lot of love there but we’ve unfortunately grown apart and made the decision to part ways.” On the other hand, Daniel added, “We’ve made the decision with a very heavy heart to confirm our marriage has come to an end. I’m sure we will forever be friends.”

The pair, who got engaged in 2016 and exchanged vows in 2018, currently share ownership of the salon, Lustig and Webb, located in Storrington. With their divorce now in motion, it raises questions about how their business will be affected by this significant change in their personal lives. Will they continue to operate the salon together or will the dissolution of their marriage impact their professional relationship?

The Gogglebox Journey

Stephen rose to fame through his appearance on Gogglebox in 2013, initially appearing alongside his friend and former partner Chris Steed until 2018. His beloved mother, Pat, also made occasional appearances on the show before her passing in January 2024. In 2019, Daniel joined Stephen on Gogglebox and the couple continued to entertain audiences with their witty commentary. However, in a surprising turn of events, the duo announced their departure from the show, citing a desire to explore new opportunities. Their absence from Gogglebox undoubtedly left a void in the hearts of their fans.

Following their exit from Gogglebox, Stephen was geared up to participate in series 14 of Dancing on Ice. Unfortunately, a setback in the form of an ankle injury forced him to withdraw from the competition. Despite the disappointment, Stephen remained grateful for the experience. His dedication to the competition and the subsequent injury shed light on the unpredictable nature of reality television and the challenges that come with pursuing new ventures.

This fresh perspective offers a deeper insight into the personal and professional journey of Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb. The complexities of relationships, the impact of significant life changes on business endeavors, and the unpredictability of embarking on new opportunities are all highlighted in their story. As they navigate this period of transition, it is evident that their resilience and commitment to growth will guide them towards new horizons, both individually and as former partners.


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