The Evolution of Neon: An International Expansion

The Evolution of Neon: An International Expansion

Neon, a leading film company, has recently made strategic hires in its marketing and publicity departments to bolster its international presence. Joey Monteiro, a seasoned veteran with over 25 years of experience in the industry, has been appointed as the EVP of International Marketing. Monteiro, who previously worked at Sierra-Affinity/eOne, brings a wealth of knowledge in creative marketing and international distribution. He has spearheaded campaigns for Academy Award-winning films such as “Drive,” “Whiplash,” and “I, Tonya.”

In addition to Monteiro, Ashley Hirsch has joined Neon as the Manager of International Sales and Marketing. Hirsch, who also comes from Sierra-Affinity/eOne, has experience working closely with Monteiro and other key executives in the industry. Her role will be crucial in expanding Neon’s reach in the global market and creating impactful marketing strategies for upcoming releases.

Neon’s Impressive Film Slate and Recent Success

Neon’s current slate includes highly anticipated projects such as Steven Soderbergh’s “Presence” and the sequel to “It Follows,” titled “They Follow.” The company has also secured international sales rights for projects like “The Housewife” and “Sharp Corner.” At the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, Neon will showcase “Anora,” a new film from the director of “The Florida Project.” Additionally, Neon’s recent release “Immaculate” has broken box office records, solidifying the company’s position in the industry.

With the addition of Monteiro and Hirsch to its team, Neon is poised for continued growth and success in the international market. The company’s collaboration with talented filmmakers and actors further solidifies its reputation as a key player in the film industry. As Neon expands its global footprint and continues to acquire prestigious projects, its future prospects look promising. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Neon in the coming months.


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