The Extravagant Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon

The Extravagant Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon

The annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon is a gathering that showcases not only generosity but also extravagant fashion choices. Attendees spare no expense when it comes to adorning their heads with elaborate fascinators, making the event a spectacle to behold. This year, the event raised an impressive $4.6 million, proving that philanthropy can go hand in hand with fashion.

One of the most notable fashion statements at this year’s luncheon was made by Randi Zuckerberg and Michelle Kluz, who paid homage to Flaco, the beloved owl from Central Park Zoo. Their hats featured intricate designs with flowers, twigs, and faux owls, symbolizing the freedom that Flaco enjoyed before his untimely passing. The duo’s tribute to Flaco was not only a nod to nature but also a remembrance of the joy he brought to people during his time in the park.

The luncheon attracted a prestigious crowd of socialites and celebrities, with names like Gillian Miniter, Serena Miniter, and Stephanie March gracing the event. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a regular attendee of the luncheon, praised Central Park as the perfect backdrop for such a unique gathering, highlighting the park’s historical significance and diverse community. Despite the extravagant hats on display, Bloomberg refused to pick a favorite, tactfully avoiding any potential controversies.

Among the many eye-catching fascinators was one that stood out for its playful design – a hat shaped like a wok filled with noodles. The wearer, Elizabeth R. Varet, explained that the hat was meant to be lighthearted, stating that she doesn’t like to be taken too seriously. This whimsical addition to the event’s fashion lineup added a touch of humor to an otherwise extravagant affair.

The Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon is not just a fundraising event; it is a celebration of fashion, creativity, and community. Each year, attendees push the boundaries of traditional hat-wearing by donning elaborate and sometimes eccentric fascinators, turning heads and sparking conversations. As the event continues to draw a crowd of high-profile individuals, it solidifies its reputation as a unique and unforgettable gathering that seamlessly marries philanthropy with fashion.


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