The Fortunes of Jaded Women: From Novel to TV Series

The Fortunes of Jaded Women: From Novel to TV Series

Carolyn Huynh’s debut novel, “The Fortunes of Jaded Women,” has caught the attention of Universal International Studios (UIS)-owned Heyday Television, leading to its adaptation as a TV series. The rights to the novel were acquired in a highly competitive situation, with Heyday boss David Heyman and Alan Yang teaming up to bring the story to television screens. The plot delves into themes of tradition and superstition, exploring how they impact modern life, making it a compelling choice for adaptation.

The story begins with the ancestor Oanh, who defied societal norms to pursue true love, only to be cursed by a fearsome Vietnamese witch. This curse sets the stage for generations to come, with the Duong women destined to give birth to daughters, never sons. The current descendant, Mai Nguyen, seeks guidance from Auntie Hua, a trusted psychic, who predicts a year filled with significant events: a marriage, a funeral, and the birth of a son. This prophecy brings together estranged family members, setting the scene for emotional reunions and possibly unpredictable outcomes.

The adaptation of “The Fortunes of Jaded Women” will be led by Carolyn Huynh and Bekah Brunstetter, under the production of Heyday Television and Universal International Studios. Huynh, known for her portrayal of complex Asian women, is excited to see her debut novel come to life on the screen. Alongside her, Brunstetter, a seasoned writer with experience in acclaimed series like “This is Us” and “Maid,” brings her expertise to the project. The collaboration between the writers and producers promises to deliver a unique and engaging adaptation of the novel.

Alan Yang, who recently signed an exclusive deal with Warner Bros. Television Group, expresses his excitement for the project, highlighting the book’s humor, imagination, and relatable family drama. He appreciates how the story sheds light on Vietnam and the Vietnamese diaspora, making it a meaningful and relevant narrative to bring to television. With the support of the creative team and production partners, the adaptation of “The Fortunes of Jaded Women” is poised to captivate audiences with its rich storytelling and vibrant characters.

The acquisition of “The Fortunes of Jaded Women” marks Heyday Television’s second novel pick-up in a short span, following their rights acquisition of Gillian MacAllister’s “Just Another Missing Person.” This move reflects the ongoing trend of book-to-TV adaptations, with studios like UIS actively seeking compelling stories for the screen. The involvement of experienced writers like Bekah Brunstetter, known for her work on popular series and upcoming projects, adds depth and expertise to the adaptation process.

Carolyn Huynh is represented by New Leaf Literary, Range Media Partners, and a prominent legal team. Alan Yang’s representation includes Cori Wellins at WME and McKuin, Frankel, and Whitehead. Bekah Brunstetter is represented by Ryan Draizin and Lindsay Aubin, showcasing the strong partnerships and support systems behind the creative minds bringing “The Fortunes of Jaded Women” to television. These collaborations ensure a seamless and successful transition from novel to screen, promising a compelling viewing experience for audiences.


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