The Future of MIPTV: A Potential Move to London

The Future of MIPTV: A Potential Move to London

The organizers of MIPTV are currently engaged in discussions about the possibility of launching a new event, MIP London, in 2025. If this new event comes to fruition, it would mark the end of MIPTV in Cannes after the 2024 edition. MIPTV and Mipcom, its larger counterpart, are currently run in Cannes by RX France. However, with talks of a potential move to London, the landscape of international TV events may be set for a significant change.

MIPTV has a long history, dating back more than six decades, and has been held in Cannes since 1965. Over the years, it has been a crucial event in the calendars of international TV professionals, serving as a hub for deal-making, networking, and industry discussions. However, the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about challenges for the event, with belt-tightening in the industry and the emergence of successful new events.

The potential move of MIPTV to London is seen as part of RX France’s long-term strategy for its TV events. The London TV Screenings in February have become a prominent event in the industry, attracting major players and showcasing international content. With the success of events like Content London and Series Mania, there is a growing trend towards London as a hub for the TV industry. The discussions about relocating MIPTV to London are an indication of RX France’s proactive approach in navigating the changing landscape of international TV.

While talks of a potential move to London are ongoing, it is important to note that this would not affect the annual Mipcom event in October, which remains one of the largest international TV events of the year. Mipcom, held in Cannes, attracts a significant number of U.S. executives and major distributors. The potential relocation of MIPTV to London would bring about a shift in the dynamics of the international TV calendar, with implications for attendees and industry professionals.

The future of MIPTV has been a topic of debate in international TV circles for some time. The move to London, if confirmed, would signal a new chapter for the event and mark a significant change in the international TV landscape. As discussions continue and plans are developed, industry professionals will be watching closely to see how this potential shift unfolds. For many, the prospect of bidding farewell to Cannes after the 2024 edition will be bittersweet, with memories of past editions and the anticipation of what the future holds for MIPTV.


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