The Future of New Amsterdam: A Look at the Potential Spinoff Series

The Future of New Amsterdam: A Look at the Potential Spinoff Series

Fans of the popular NBC series, New Amsterdam, were left with a void after the conclusion of its 5-season run last year. However, there is hope on the horizon as series creator, David Schulner, is in the process of developing a spinoff series set 30 years in the future. This potential sequel, tentatively titled New Amsterdam: Tomorrow, will focus on Dr. Max Goodwin’s daughter, Luna Goodwin, as she takes on the role of Medical Director at New Amsterdam Hospital.

The spinoff is expected to delve into the advancements of artificial intelligence in the medical industry and how it will shape the future of healthcare. In the series finale of New Amsterdam, a young and enthusiastic new medical director, played by Molly Griggs, was introduced at the beginning of the episode. It was later revealed that this character was actually Luna Goodwin, all grown up, making a symbolic passing of the baton from her father, Max.

Currently, the project is in the development stage with no attached talent. Schulner, along with his production banner Mount Moriah, has a deal with Universal Television to bring this spinoff to life. Peter Horton, who worked on the original series, is set to direct and executive produce the spinoff. Eric Manheimer, on whose book New Amsterdam was based, is also on board as an executive producer. Maggie Cahill, Head of Development at Mount Moriah, will be co-executive producing the series.

New Amsterdam was a breakout hit for NBC, earning a rare three-season renewal early on in its run. Despite its popularity, the decision was made to end the series after its fifth season. However, the show found new life on Netflix, where it became a top-ranked series. This resurgence on the streaming platform caught the attention of NBC, leading to the development of the spinoff series.

David Schulner, the mastermind behind New Amsterdam, has an impressive track record in television. Starting his career on ABC’s Once and Again, he went on to work on shows like Desperate Housewives, Everwood, and Kings. Schulner has experience in creating and running successful series, making him the perfect candidate to spearhead the New Amsterdam spinoff.

The potential spinoff series, New Amsterdam: Tomorrow, holds great promise for fans of the original show. With an innovative concept, a talented team behind the scenes, and the legacy of New Amsterdam to build upon, this new series is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of television.


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