The Impact of CNN Acquiring BAFTA-winning Lockerbie Doc Series

The Impact of CNN Acquiring BAFTA-winning Lockerbie Doc Series

CNN has recently obtained the BAFTA-winning Lockerbie documentary series from Louis Theroux’s Mindhouse. This series delves into the 1988 bombing of flight Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, which resulted in the tragic deaths of 270 individuals, including 190 American citizens. The documentary offers a unique perspective by providing access to victims’ families, investigators, intelligence officers, and key figures who have not previously spoken about the event.

Produced by Theroux, Nancy Strang, and Arron Fellows’ Mindhouse in collaboration with Sky Studios, Lockerbie has garnered critical acclaim. Directed by John Dower, this documentary series managed to secure a BAFTA for Factual Series, beating out tough competition from other well-known shows. The in-depth exploration of the Lockerbie disaster from its inception to its aftermath sheds light on the individuals responsible for this horrific act of terrorism.

Following its success, both Sky/Peacock and the BBC/Netflix are developing limited drama series adaptations based on the Lockerbie tragedy. These adaptations are set to feature renowned actors such as Colin Firth, Patrick J. Adams, and Connor Swindells, bringing the story to life from a different perspective. Mindhouse, not content with just one success, is also working on a series commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Columbia space shuttle disaster for CNN and the BBC.

The news of CNN acquiring Lockerbie and other Mindhouse productions is a significant milestone for the production company. With plans to expand their reach in the international market, Mindhouse is set to become a major player in the documentary and factual projects arena. The collaboration with CNN for the distribution of Lockerbie in the U.S. highlights the importance of finding the right partners to share impactful stories with a global audience.

NBCUniversal Global Distribution is overseeing the distribution of Lockerbie on behalf of Sky Studios, ensuring that this powerful documentary reaches audiences worldwide. Additionally, Tell Them You Love Me, another Mindhouse production, has been sold to Netflix, further solidifying the company’s presence in the streaming market. With international sales handled by NBCUniversal Global Distribution, Mindhouse is positioned for continued success on a global scale.

The acquisition of the BAFTA-winning Lockerbie documentary series by CNN marks a significant achievement for Mindhouse and highlights the growing demand for impactful storytelling in today’s media landscape. By exploring historical events with newfound perspective and empathy, documentaries like Lockerbie have the power to educate, enlighten, and inspire audiences around the world.


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