The Impact of Indonesia’s Film Matchfund on the Film Industry

The Impact of Indonesia’s Film Matchfund on the Film Industry

Indonesia recently announced the recipients of its first government-funded film grant, Film Matchfund. This $13M annual fund aims to support Indonesian filmmakers in bringing their creative ideas to life and expanding their international networks. The selected projects, including This City is a Battlefield, Crocodile Tears, Samsara, and Tale of The Land, have also received international support totaling around $1.5M.

The Film Matchfund grant provides a significant opportunity for Indonesian filmmakers to collaborate with foreign filmmakers and elevate their work to international standards. Hilmar Farid, Indonesia’s director-general of Culture, highlighted the importance of this category in enhancing the capacity of Indonesian filmmakers and showcasing Indonesia’s diversity to the world.

The funding scheme supports various aspects of film production, including story development, research, production, post-production, promotion, and distribution incentives. This financial support is crucial in enabling filmmakers to bring their vision to the screen and reach a wider audience both locally and internationally.

The collaboration between Indonesian filmmakers and foreign partners is a key aspect of the Film Matchfund grant. By leveraging international grants such as the Hubert-Bals Fund, CNC Cinema du Monde, World Cinema Fund, and Sørfond, Indonesian filmmakers can access additional resources and expertise to enhance the quality of their films.

The success of the four pilot projects under the Film Matchfund grant will pave the way for future collaborations and funding opportunities for Indonesian filmmakers. By establishing strong relationships with international partners and securing matching funds for their projects, Indonesian filmmakers can continue to produce films that resonate with global audiences.

Indonesia’s Film Matchfund grant represents a significant step forward for the country’s film industry. By providing financial support, promoting international collaboration, and fostering the growth of Indonesian filmmakers, this initiative has the potential to transform the landscape of Indonesian cinema and establish it as a prominent player on the world stage.


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