The Importance of Children Engaging with Shakespeare Through Theatre

The Importance of Children Engaging with Shakespeare Through Theatre

Adrian Lester, a renowned actor with an impressive list of Shakespearean performances and prestigious awards, understands the significance of children engaging in theatre and the works of Shakespeare. In a recent interview, he discussed his involvement with the Primary Shakespeare Company, an organization that uses drama to help children explore the world of Shakespeare in schools. Adrian highlighted the importance of teaching children to play and collaborate, emphasizing problem-solving skills and teamwork beyond the sports field.

Shakespeare’s plays are not meant to be read in isolation; they are meant to be performed. Adrian Lester emphasized the importance of children getting on their feet and actively engaging with the stories rather than passively reading them. By participating in theatre activities, children can remember Shakespeare as a positive and vibrant experience, setting the stage for future learning and appreciation of the iconic playwright’s work.

As someone who has starred in various Shakespeare plays and received accolades for his performances, Adrian Lester’s children have inherited his love for the playwright. His daughters, Lila and Jasmine, grew up learning about human nature through the stories told by their father. By exposing his children to theatre and Shakespeare at a young age, Adrian instilled a profound appreciation for the art form and its ability to convey complex emotions and insights.

Adrian Lester emphasized the importance of fundraising for organizations like the Primary Shakespeare Company, which rely on donations to continue their work. The Big Give fundraiser provides a unique opportunity for charities to double their donations, supporting programs that enrich children’s lives through theatre and drama. Match funding opportunities like this are crucial for the survival of arts organizations that aim to bring the world of Shakespeare to young audiences.

Adrian Lester is among a list of celebrity patrons, including Julia Donaldson, Katie Derham, and Julian Lloyd Webber, who are actively involved in supporting charities like the Primary Shakespeare Company. By leveraging their influence and resources, these celebrities help raise awareness and funds for programs that promote theatre education and Shakespearean performances in schools. Their advocacy plays a vital role in ensuring that children have access to transformative arts experiences.

Adrian Lester’s commitment to advocating for children’s engagement with Shakespeare through theatre highlights the profound impact of arts education on young minds. By fostering creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, theatre programs like those offered by the Primary Shakespeare Company empower children to explore complex narratives and themes, paving the way for a lifelong appreciation of the arts. As we continue to support fundraising efforts and celebrate the contributions of celebrity patrons, we can ensure that future generations have the opportunity to discover the magic of Shakespeare’s timeless stories on stage.


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