The Joy of Lorraine Kelly’s Daughter Rosie’s Engagement

The Joy of Lorraine Kelly’s Daughter Rosie’s Engagement

Lorraine Kelly recently shared her excitement and joy following the news of her daughter Rosie’s engagement to Steve. During an interview on Good Morning Britain, Lorraine expressed how happy she was for the couple and praised Steve, her future son-in-law, as a wonderful person. She described the surprise proposal, mentioning that Steve had asked for permission and went down on one knee to propose. Lorraine’s enthusiasm for gaining a son was palpable as she discussed the joyous news.

Rosie, who is expecting her first child, announced her engagement to Steve in a heartwarming Instagram post during their babymoon. She expressed her gratitude for the beautiful ring that Steve had designed with the help of a jeweler. Rosie’s Instagram post indicated her surprise at the proposal and her excitement for what the future holds for their growing family.

Lorraine shared her thoughts on Rosie’s pregnancy, stating that it was a momentous occasion for their family. She described feeling the baby kick for the first time and how it made the pregnancy feel real to her. Rosie’s pregnancy announcement was a joyful moment for the entire family, with Lorraine mentioning that both she and Rosie’s father, Steve, were thrilled at the news. Rosie’s journey to motherhood has brought a sense of joy and excitement to the entire family.

Rosie’s pregnancy announcement came as a surprise to Lorraine, who had a mother’s intuition that something was different. The news brought tears of joy to Lorraine’s eyes, and she expressed her happiness at becoming a grandmother. Rosie’s journey to motherhood has been filled with surprises and moments of pure happiness, bringing the family closer together in anticipation of the new addition.

The news of Rosie’s engagement and pregnancy has brought immense joy and happiness to Lorraine Kelly and her family. The anticipation of becoming a grandmother and gaining a son-in-law has filled Lorraine with excitement and gratitude. Rosie’s journey to motherhood has been a source of joy for the entire family, marking a new chapter filled with love and happiness.


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