The Making of a Christmas Action-Comedy: Dashing Through The Snow

The Making of a Christmas Action-Comedy: Dashing Through The Snow

In the upcoming Christmas action-comedy film, “Dashing Through The Snow,” directed by Prince Bagdasarian, a unique blend of dark comedy and action is presented to the audience. Set in a cabin on Christmas Eve, the movie follows US Marshall Jo, portrayed by Scottie Thompson, as she protects a pregnant fugitive from a bounty hunter and a hitman Santa, played by Hunter Ives and David Koechner respectively. The chaos of family dynamics, impending motherhood, and the hilarity of fending off inept hitmen in a winter setting promises unexpected twists and turns for the viewers.

The exceptionally talented cast includes Scottie Thompson, known for her roles in “Hellfire” and “12 Monkeys,” David Koechner, recognized for his role as Champ Kind in the “Anchorman” films, Gillian White from “Trouble Man!” and Isaiah Washington from “Grey’s Anatomy.” Their performances are expected to bring the characters to life, making the audience fall in love with the holiday-themed story full of action and unexpected situations.

The film, currently in production in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, California, is a collaboration between director Prince Bagdasarian and producers James Di Giacomo and Sasha Yelaun. Bagdasarian, known for his previous work on “Abducted,” aims to deliver an action-packed film with a touch of holiday spirit. The script is filled with humor, promising an entertaining escape for viewers into a world of unexpected turns and holiday cheer.

Producer James Di Giacomo expressed his excitement for the project, commenting on the hilarious script and the talented cast involved. With a focus on positivity and family dynamics, the film is expected to offer viewers a fresh take on the Christmas genre. Sasha Yelaun, in her first Christmas movie collaboration with Bagdasarian, is eager to see the film become a holiday favorite, following the success of their previous projects.

The Talent Representation

Scottie Thompson is represented by TalentWorks and Mainstay Entertainment, David Koechner by Gersh, Gillian White by Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency, and Isaiah Washington by Attorney Ricky Anderson at Anderson & Smith PC. The stellar lineup of talent, both in front of and behind the camera, promises a spellbinding cinematic experience for the audience.

“Dashing Through The Snow” appears to be a promising addition to the Christmas movie genre, combining action, comedy, and holiday cheer in a snow-covered setting. With a talented cast, experienced director, and dedicated producers on board, the film is expected to captivate viewers and become a holiday favorite for years to come.


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