The Paulson Divorce Drama: A Closer Look

The Paulson Divorce Drama: A Closer Look

The ongoing divorce battle between billionaire John Paulson and his estranged wife Jenny has taken an interesting turn, with John attempting to use a story published by Page Six as leverage in the proceedings. Court documents obtained exclusively by Page Six reveal that John and his legal team are trying to subpoena a private investigator that he believes Jenny hired to obtain information about his girlfriend, Alina de Almeida. According to the documents, John’s attorneys argue that if Jenny leaked the police report about Alina’s DUI arrest and generated negative publicity, it could impact the equitable distribution of assets in their divorce. They suggest that this could result in John receiving a larger share of the assets than Jenny.

In response to the subpoena, the PI’s attorney has filed documents arguing that John cannot prove the relevance of the information his team is seeking to the divorce proceedings. They claim that there is no connection between Jenny and the PI group in question, Apple Consulting. The PI James Nanos also confirmed in a letter that Jenny did not hire his services and had no direct or indirect communication with him. While the court has yet to make a decision regarding the subpoena, Jenny’s legal advisor, Lanny Davis, declined to comment on the situation.

A spokesperson for Paulson has accused someone of engaging in a campaign to malign Alina and John, claiming that privacy laws may have been violated in the process. They suggest that Jenny’s lawyers are working to suppress information and hide the identity of those behind the campaign. However, a source close to the case has criticized John and his legal team for targeting Jenny and her attorneys without any basis, particularly in light of the publicizing of Alina’s DUI arrest.

The initial incident that sparked this legal battle was Alina de Almeida’s DUI arrest, which took place in March 2018. She was arrested in Butler, N.J., after crashing her car into a yard, with a reported blood alcohol content of 0.16 – double the legal limit. She later pleaded guilty, had her license suspended, and was required to attend alcohol school. John Paulson had met Alina in 2021 and quickly moved her into his Fifth Avenue apartment by September of that same year. This new romance came just days before John filed for divorce from Jenny, his wife of 21 years, setting off this contentious legal battle over their substantial assets.

The lack of a prenuptial agreement between John and Jenny has put their vast fortune, real estate portfolio, and foundation at stake in this divorce. Despite initially attempting to settle the divorce outside of court, the couple’s mediation efforts stalled, leading John to re-file for divorce. The proceedings are ongoing, with John seeking to secure a more favorable settlement in light of the negative publicity surrounding Alina’s DUI arrest. The outcome of this high-profile divorce case remains uncertain, as the legal battle continues to play out in court.


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