The Power of Original Arabic TV Series: Amazon Acquires Self Modulation

The Power of Original Arabic TV Series: Amazon Acquires Self Modulation

Amazon’s recent acquisition of the Beirut-set dramedy series Self Modulation marks a significant milestone in the world of Arabic television. This groundbreaking acquisition is the first of its kind for Amazon, signaling a new era for original Arabic content on a global platform.

The series, produced by Falcon Films and Arna Media, represents a unique collaboration between two innovative production companies. The multi-show deal, partially financed by Arna Media, demonstrates a commitment to investing in high-quality content that pushes boundaries and explores new storytelling horizons.

Self Modulation follows the story of Ahmad, a Syrian man living illegally in Lebanon, whose life is forever changed after witnessing a tragic event. As he embarks on a job at a suicide hotline center, Ahmad’s aspirations for fame and recognition lead him down a dark path of deception and self-destruction. The series promises to delve into complex themes of identity, morality, and the impact of traumatic experiences on individuals.

The series boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Maxim Khalil, Carole El Hajj, Foad Yammine, Natasha Choufani, Leen Gherra, and Abbas Al Nouri. The writing team, comprised of Foad Yammine, Rami Awad, and director Mayar Al Nouri, brings a fresh perspective to the project, with Al Nouri making his television directing debut.

Falcon Films Managing Director Rami Sannan expressed excitement about the collaboration with Arna Media and the opportunity to showcase Arabic content on a global scale. The goal of the production team is to create content that resonates with audiences beyond the Middle East, highlighting the universal themes and compelling storytelling that transcends cultural boundaries.

Arna Media President Nadezda Motina emphasized the long-standing professional relationship with Falcon Films as the driving force behind the project. The collaboration between the two companies showcases a commitment to innovation and originality, with Motina drawing a comparison to acclaimed production company A24, known for its groundbreaking work in the film industry.

Falcon Films, as an independent production and distribution company, has a proven track record of producing high-quality content that resonates with audiences across the Middle East. With a portfolio of local films and series, including projects for prominent platforms like Jawwy STC and MBC Shahid, Falcon Films continues to push boundaries and set new standards for Arabic storytelling.

The acquisition of Self Modulation by Amazon represents a powerful statement about the potential of Arabic television to captivate audiences worldwide. Through a collaboration of innovative minds and a commitment to crafting compelling narratives, the series is poised to make a significant impact on the global entertainment landscape. As the world of television continues to evolve, initiatives like this serve as a testament to the power of storytelling to bridge cultural divides and connect audiences on a universal level.


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