The Princess Royal Discharged From Hospital After Horse Incident

The Princess Royal Discharged From Hospital After Horse Incident

Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, has been discharged from the hospital after sustaining minor injuries and concussion from an incident involving a horse over the weekend. Buckingham Palace confirmed that the 73-year-old royal has returned to her home estate, Gatcombe Park, after spending five days at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. Her husband, Vice Admiral Tim Laurence, expressed his gratitude to the hospital staff for their care and kindness during her short stay.

The Incident

The Princess Royal was hospitalized on Sunday after suffering a concussion and minor head injuries following a horse-related incident on her Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire. Reports suggest that she was out walking on her estate when the incident occurred, resulting in minor wounds to her head. While the exact cause of her injuries has not been confirmed, her medical team believe they are consistent with a potential impact from a horse’s head or legs.

Princess Anne is known for her love of horses and is an accomplished horsewoman. She made history as the first British royal to compete at the Olympics, participating in the 1976 Games in Montreal. Her daughter, Zara Tindall, who also shares a passion for horses, has spoken about the family’s obsession with the sport. Zara described horses as being a significant part of their family, with a deep-rooted passion and love for the animals being passed down through the generations.

Despite her love for horse riding, Princess Anne has had her fair share of injuries and falls over the years. At the age of 14, she cracked a bone in her finger after an accident with her pony. In 1976, she was knocked unconscious when a horse fell on her during the Portman Horse Trials in Dorset, resulting in bruises, concussion, and a hairline fracture in her vertebrae. Nevertheless, her injuries did not prevent her from competing in the Olympics that same year.

Royal Family’s Love for Horses

The late Queen Elizabeth II’s love for horses has been passed down to her daughter and granddaughter. Zara Tindall spoke about the passion and love for horses that runs in the family, emphasizing the incredible partnership between horse and rider. The royal family considers themselves fortunate to have horses play such a significant role in their lives, with Zara expressing gratitude for being able to work with these magnificent animals on a daily basis.

Princess Anne’s discharge from the hospital following the horse incident serves as a reminder of the risks involved in equestrian sports. Despite the challenges and injuries she has faced, her love for horses remains unwavering, highlighting the special bond between the royal family and these majestic animals.


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