The Rumored Sale of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Beverly Hills Mansion

The Rumored Sale of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Beverly Hills Mansion

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Hollywood power couple, have been at the center of swirling rumors that their relationship may be on the rocks. The focus of much of this speculation is their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion, which has recently been put back on the market. Despite their official status as a couple, the listing of their luxurious property has ignited further gossip about the state of their marriage. Jennifer Lopez, in particular, has done little to quell these rumors, with a recent press junket for her Netflix movie avoiding a direct question that could have put an end to the divorce talk once and for all.

Previously unseen photographs of the mansion’s lavish interior have emerged on realtor website Zillow, adding a layer of intrigue to the situation. These images were removed after the property was sold to the couple last May, but they have resurfaced for public viewing. The mansion, located in the exclusive Wallingford estate, sits on a 6-acre promontory and includes a main house, a 10,000-square-foot guest house, and a caretaker’s residence. With garages for 15 cars, parking for 80, and an outdoor sports complex featuring basketball and pickleball courts, a gym, a boxing ring, and a bar, the property is nothing short of impressive. Additionally, a stunning 150-degree zero-edge pool adds to the allure of the estate.

The decision to list the mansion for sale has sparked speculation that the 17-bedroom, 43,000-square-foot property might quietly hit the market once again. This move comes amidst growing concerns about the well-being of the A-list couple, who eloped to Las Vegas in July 2022 and celebrated their union with a lavish event in Georgia the following month. Jennifer Lopez recently made headlines by canceling the US leg of her ‘This is Me Now’ tour due to disappointing sales, leading to questions about the state of their marriage. In her statement addressing the cancellation, she emphasized the need to prioritize time with her children, family, and close friends, with no mention of her husband, Ben Affleck.

Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted engaging in individual pursuits, adding fuel to the rumors of trouble in paradise. Jennifer was recently seen house-hunting in Beverly Hills with her producing partner, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, without Ben by her side. Similarly, reports have surfaced that Ben, staying in a rental property near his ex-wife Jennifer Garner in Brentwood, has been on the hunt for a new house solo. Photographs of the couple together have been scarce in recent months, with a notable 50-day stretch where they were not seen in public together. Jennifer has attended significant events solo, further deepening the speculation surrounding the status of their marriage.

Jennifer Lopez, known for her relentless work ethic and consistent project releases, has been open about her efforts to slow down in recent years. Despite her busy schedule of premieres, movie releases, and musical endeavors, she has expressed a desire to spend more time at home. Ben Affleck, on the other hand, has maintained a more discreet presence in the public eye, leading to questions about his commitment to the relationship. While Jennifer has been photographed wearing her wedding ring, Ben’s fluctuating appearances with and without his ring have only added to the uncertainty surrounding their marriage.

The rumored sale of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Beverly Hills mansion has generated significant speculation about the state of their relationship. With individual pursuits, public appearances, and statements adding layers to the narrative, the future of this high-profile couple remains uncertain. As fans and onlookers continue to decipher the clues, only time will tell what lies ahead for Ben and Jennifer.


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