The Short-Lived Stint of The Princess of Wales’s Uncle on Celebrity Big Brother

The Short-Lived Stint of The Princess of Wales’s Uncle on Celebrity Big Brother

The most recent season of the UK’s revamped Celebrity Big Brother series saw businessman Gary Goldsmith, the Princess of Wales’s uncle, enter the house with much anticipation. However, his time on the show was short-lived, as he was the first contestant to be evicted after just five days. Fans had speculated whether his stay in the house would bring about revelations about his famous in-laws, the British royal family.

Despite having a close connection to Kate Middleton, his niece, Goldsmith made only a few passing mentions of her during his time on the show. He spoke briefly about how difficult it is to reach Kate due to her busy schedule with her children. Additionally, he praised Middleton and her husband, Prince William, as being the “saviors of the royal family.”

Upon his exit from the Celebrity Big Brother house, Goldsmith expressed regret about his performance on the show. He admitted to feeling self-doubt and acknowledged that he should have been more authentic and outgoing during his time in the house. He mentioned that he could have been more engaging and open with his fellow contestants.

This season of Celebrity Big Brother featured familiar faces such as Sharon Osbourne and Marisha Wallace. The ITV reboot of the show aired on ITV1 for its launch, with daily updates on ITV2. The original non-celebrity version of the reality series debuted in the UK in 2000 on Channel 4 before being acquired by Channel 5 in 2010. Unfortunately, the show was canceled by Channel 5 in 2018.

Gary Goldsmith’s brief stint on Celebrity Big Brother was overshadowed by missed opportunities to share more about his royal connections and his own personality. The revamped series continues to attract viewers with its mix of celebrity contestants and daily drama, keeping audiences engaged with the latest happenings inside the Big Brother house.


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