The Success of Dune Part Two in Imax Theaters

The Success of Dune Part Two in Imax Theaters

The performance of Legendary/Warner Bros’ Dune Part Two in Imax theaters has been impressive since its opening on March 1st. The movie has maintained a consistent level of success week-to-week, with the steepest drop being only at -45%. In its third week, the movie even saw a decrease as low as -36%. This success can be attributed to the Imax format, which has drawn in fans of the Denis Villeneuve directed sequel.

Due to the overwhelming response from audiences, Dune: Part Two will be extending its run in Imax theaters in the top 20 markets across North America starting April 19th. This includes screenings in 70MM at Imax theaters in Los Angeles and New York City. Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution Boss Jeff Goldstein expressed his excitement about the fans’ response to the film and how they have decided to bring it back to the big screens across the country.

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Over the past weekend, Dune: Part Two managed to rake in $7.4 million in its sixth week, only experiencing a 35% drop from the previous weekend. This has brought its total domestic earnings to $265 million from 2,836 theaters. On a global scale, the movie has accumulated an impressive $660.8 million, solidifying its success both domestically and internationally.

The continued success of Dune Part Two in Imax theaters is a testament to the powerful storytelling and visual experience crafted by Denis Villeneuve. The decision to extend its run in Imax format shows the commitment of the filmmakers and distributors to provide audiences with a premium viewing experience. As the film continues to attract viewers and generate revenue, it is clear that Dune: Part Two has become a beloved and successful addition to the cinematic landscape.

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