The Success of Indonesian Horror-Comedy Film Agak Laen

The Success of Indonesian Horror-Comedy Film Agak Laen

Agak Laen, a horror-comedy film, has achieved immense success at the box office in Indonesia, with a total of 7.35 million admissions. This makes it the second biggest Indonesian box office hit of all time, trailing only behind the 2022 film KKN di Desai Penari. Released on February 1, the movie features a talented cast including Bene Dion Rajagukguk, Oki Rengga, Indra Jegel, Boris Bokir, and Tissa Biani Azzahra. What sets Agak Laen apart is its unique blend of horror and comedy, which has resonated well with the audience.

Podcast Group Turned Movie Stars

Interestingly, four of the stars of Agak Laen are part of a podcast group, also named Agak Laen, which has amassed a significant following since its inception in 2022. This existing fan base has undoubtedly played a role in the success of the film, as fans of the podcast were eager to see their favorite personalities on the big screen. The movie has also been released in Malaysia and Brunei, expanding its reach beyond Indonesian borders.

Producer Ernest Prakasa attributes the success of Agak Laen to a winning formula that combines comedy with horror. The script, written by comedian Muhadkly Acho, brings a strong dose of humor to the film, while the actors, who are also comedians, excel in delivering comedic performances. Prakasa, who is also a comedian, co-owns production company Imajinari alongside Dipa Andika. He emphasizes the importance of offering something different to the audience in a crowded market of horror films. By infusing laughter into the storyline, Agak Laen provides a unique and entertaining cinematic experience.

The strategic timing of Agak Laen’s release also played a crucial role in its success. With Indonesia’s general election taking place on February 14, Prakasa reveals that they planned the film’s release date with this in mind. The political tension surrounding the election created a demand for light-hearted entertainment that could provide a temporary escape from the divisive discourse on social media. By offering a refreshing alternative to the political chatter, Agak Laen was able to attract a wide audience, including families who were pleasantly surprised by the movie’s appeal.

One of the unexpected outcomes of Agak Laen’s success was the diverse audience demographics it attracted. Despite the core fan base of the podcast group being comprised of younger individuals, the film managed to resonate with families of all ages. This broad appeal showcases the universal themes and humor present in Agak Laen, transcending generational boundaries and appealing to a wide range of viewers. The film’s ability to bring people together through laughter highlights the power of entertainment to connect audiences in shared cinematic experiences.


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