The Tale of Scheana Shay’s Past Indulgences

The Tale of Scheana Shay’s Past Indulgences

In a shocking revelation on a recent episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” Scheana Shay hinted at a wild encounter she had in the past. During a game of “Never Have I Ever,” Shay disclosed that she had been involved in an orgy with an A-list celebrity, without divulging the name. However, she dropped a major clue by referencing the lyrics of John Mayer’s hit song “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” suggesting a connection to the renowned singer.

This isn’t the first time Scheana Shay has spoken about her encounters with John Mayer. In a previous episode of the “Flashbacks” podcast in 2020, Shay shared details of how she met Mayer and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston at a party. She recalled a wild night of partying with the couple, leading to an invite to an afterparty. While Shay claimed she didn’t attend due to intoxication, she alleged that Mayer’s interest in her continued. Eventually, they began seeing each other, with Shay even mentioning a brief period of time where they had a “throuple” dynamic with her roommate.

Despite the whirlwind romance she shared with John Mayer, Scheana Shay admitted to feeling jealous towards the end of their alleged relations. Following their eventual split, Mayer continued to communicate with Shay’s roommate, leading to complications in their dynamic. However, Shay has since moved on and is now happily married to Brock Davies, whom she wed in 2021. On a recent episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” Davies also revealed a past incident where he was near an orgy, surprising Shay with his admission during a game of “Never Have I Ever.”

While the details of Scheana Shay’s alleged encounter with John Mayer remain speculative, her openness about her past has earned her both praise and criticism. The blurred lines between reality and speculation in the world of reality television have led to heightened interest in Shay’s personal life. As she continues her journey on “Vanderpump Rules,” fans are left wondering about the extent of her wild past indulgences, including the alleged orgy with John Mayer. Amidst the drama and revelations, one thing is clear – Scheana Shay is unapologetically herself, navigating the ups and downs of fame and relationships in the public eye.


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