The Traitors Dominates Global Format Market with 11 Territory Launches in 2023

The Traitors Dominates Global Format Market with 11 Territory Launches in 2023

In a surprising turn of events, The Traitors has emerged as the new Format of the Year, dethroning The Masked Singer after four years of dominance. According to the latest Tracking the Giants report by analysis firm K7, The Traitors witnessed 11 territory launches in 2023, marking a significant increase of 57% in premieres around the world. This unprecedented success has set the stage for further expansion, with nine more launches planned for 2024, totaling the show’s global reach to 30 countries. It is evident that the dynamics of the global format market are evolving, with new players like The Traitors reshaping the landscape.

The Traitors, a high drama series originating from The Netherlands, revolves around a murder mystery game where a group of participants, including reality stars or non-celebrities, work together to build a prize fund of up to $250,000. However, hidden among the participants are the Traitors, whose objective is to eliminate the other contestants and claim the prize for themselves. This unique concept has garnered widespread attention and praise, catapulting the show to the forefront of the global format market.

Apart from The Traitors, other shows like The Floor and Good Luck Guys have also made a significant impact in the format industry. The Floor, created by John de Mol, features 100 contestants competing in quiz duels on a giant LED floor, with 11 new versions set to debut in 2024. On the other hand, Good Luck Guys, developed by Banijay, follows 12 young influencers as they navigate the challenges of surviving on a remote tropical beach. These shows have not only captured the audience’s interest but have also showcased the diverse range of formats available in the market.

In addition to new launches, established formats like Family Feud and LOL: Last One Laughing have experienced a resurgence in popularity. Fremantle’s Family Feud was named Revival of the Year, while Amazon’s LOL: Last One Laughing was crowned Streamer Format Star. These shows have demonstrated the enduring appeal of classic formats and their ability to captivate audiences across different platforms. Furthermore, the recognition of emerging formats like Good Luck Guys underscores the industry’s willingness to experiment with innovative concepts and fresh ideas.

As the global format market continues to evolve, broadcasters are increasingly turning to proven formats with a track record of success. The shift towards risk-averse programming reflects the challenges posed by declining ad revenues and lower program budgets. The resurgence of quiz and game show titles highlights the audience’s enduring fascination with interactive and engaging content. By embracing classic formats and established franchises, broadcasters are able to mitigate risks while catering to viewer preferences in an ever-changing media landscape.

The success of LOL: Last One Laughing has propelled Japan into the spotlight as the fourth largest exporter of formats, trailing behind industry giants like the U.S., the UK, and The Netherlands. Japan’s rise in the format market can also be attributed to the revival of shows like Dragons’ Den, Ninja Warrior, and Hole in the Wall, which have resonated with audiences worldwide. This trend signifies the increasing globalization of formats and the blurring of boundaries between different markets.

The dominance of The Traitors in the global format market underscores the industry’s constant evolution and adaptability. As new players emerge and established formats make a comeback, the landscape of the format industry continues to diversify and innovate. With changing trends and shifting viewer preferences, the future of formats appears to be dynamic and promising, offering endless possibilities for creatives and content creators around the world.


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