The Unfiltered Truth About Monty Python’s Income

The Unfiltered Truth About Monty Python’s Income

Eric Idle, one of the co-founders of Monty Python, recently made some shocking revelations about the financial state of the comedy troupe. In a series of tweets, Idle expressed his surprise and disappointment at how the income from Monty Python had dried up, forcing him to continue working at the age of 80. He criticized the mismanagement of the Python brand, placing the blame squarely on Terry Gilliam and his daughter, Holly.

Idle did not hold back in his criticism of his fellow co-founders. He went as far as to call Python a “disaster,” highlighting the lack of sustainable income from their past works. He singled out Spamalot as the only project that made money, and even that was two decades ago. Idle’s candid remarks shed light on the harsh realities of show business, even for legendary figures like the members of Monty Python.

Personal Feuds and Distance

The feud between Idle and his co-founder, John Cleese, also came to light in his tweets. When asked about his current relationship with Cleese, Idle admitted that he had not seen him in seven years. This revelation surprised and saddened fans, but Idle seemed unfazed by the estrangement. His dismissive attitude towards his former colleague hinted at underlying tensions within the group.

Rejection of Netflix

In a surprising turn of events, Idle lashed out at Netflix when a follower suggested that the streaming giant produce a documentary on Monty Python. His blunt response, “Fuck Netflix and fuck documentaries,” showcased his disdain for the idea. This rejection of a potential opportunity for exposure further emphasized Idle’s frustration with the current state of Monty Python’s legacy.

Despite his grievances, Idle found solace in the support of his daughter, Lily, who praised him for speaking his truth. He acknowledged that he was doing well for himself, engaged in writing a new show, and reflecting on his long career in the entertainment industry. Idle’s journey from a young comedian in 1963 to a seasoned artist today highlighted his resilience and determination to carry on despite the challenges he faced.

Eric Idle’s unfiltered comments on Monty Python’s income shed light on the harsh realities of show business and the challenges of maintaining a successful comedy brand. His candid criticism, personal feuds, rejection of opportunities, and personal growth reflect the complexity of navigating fame and financial stability in the entertainment industry.


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