The Untold Stories of Missing Persons: A New Perspective

The Untold Stories of Missing Persons: A New Perspective

In a groundbreaking move, A+E Networks EMEA is delving into the shocking real-life stories of disappearances from a unique perspective – that of the missing individuals themselves. The upcoming series, Missing, Presumed Dead, will consist of ten episodes where the missing persons share their stories through cinematically shot interviews. This innovative approach promises to offer a fresh take on the often grim tales of missing persons.

A+E has secured broadcast rights for Missing, Presumed Dead in the UK, Benelux, CEE, Greece, and the Middle East, with Sky Crime channel set to air the series in Italy. Quintus Studios, based in Germany, will handle global distribution outside the UK on its FD Crime channel. With over 11 million cumulative subscribers to its suite of AVOD networks, such as FD Crime and Free Documentary, Quintus Studios aims to bring this compelling series to a worldwide audience.

UK indie Spirit Studios is at the helm of making Missing, Presumed Dead. Known for producing a diverse range of content, including The Stand Up Sketch Show and popular podcasts, Spirit Studios is set to deliver a gripping and emotionally charged series. Executive producers for the show include Dan Korn and Di Carter for A&E, Adam Jacobs for Quintus Studios, and Matt Campion and Martin Sadowski for Spirit Studios.

Dan Korn, one of the executive producers, highlighted the importance of shedding light on lesser-known disappearance cases. He emphasized the unique approach of the series, which focuses on the harrowing experiences of the abductees, their anguished families, and the investigators involved. This shift in perspective aims to offer a deeper understanding of the emotional turmoil faced by those involved in missing person cases.

Anouk van Dijk, Head of Sales & Co-Productions at Quintus Studios, praised Spirit Studios’ innovative storytelling and the potential for global viewership. By featuring interviews with the missing individuals and their loved ones, Missing, Presumed Dead promises to deliver gripping storytelling that resonates with audiences worldwide. The series is set to redefine the true crime genre by focusing on the resilience and human spirit of those who have faced unimaginable challenges.

Matt Campion, Creative Director of Spirit Studios, expressed his excitement about partnering with Quintus and A+E Networks EMEA for the series. He emphasized the importance of celebrating the resilience and incredible spirit of those who have survived against all odds. Missing, Presumed Dead is not just a true crime series but a tribute to the courage and determination of those who have defied the odds and found their way back home.


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