The Wave: A Musical Film Inspired by Feminist Civil Disobedience in Chile

The Wave: A Musical Film Inspired by Feminist Civil Disobedience in Chile

Sebastián Lelio, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, has recently completed production on a new musical film titled The Wave (La Ola). The film is inspired by the wave of feminist civil disobedience that swept Chile in the spring of 2018. This movement, known as the “Feminist May,” was a response to widespread harassment and abuse against women in Chile and was seen as a turning point for women’s rights in the country.

The original musical compositions for The Wave have been created collaboratively by 17 female Chilean musicians, including Ana Tijoux, Camila Moreno, and Javiera Parra. The film’s award-winning composer, Matthew Herbert, known for his work on films like A Fantastic Woman and Gloria Bell, also contributed to the musical score. The choreography is done by Ryan Heffington, who has worked with artists such as Sia and Florence and the Machine.

The Storyline

The film follows newcomer Daniela López, who plays a music student that becomes involved in the growing feminist movement on her university campus. As she participates in protest marches and rallies, she confronts her own experiences of mistreatment and decides to share her story. This unexpected role thrusts her into a central position in the movement, forcing her to address her identity as a survivor in a society that promises change but remains resistant to it.

The Wave is produced by Juan de Dios Larraín, Pablo Larraín, Rocío Jadue, and Sebastián Lelio under the Fabula banner. The film is also co-financed by Participant and Fremantle, organizations that have worked with Lelio in the past. The screenplay is written by Sebastián Lelio, Manuela Infante, Josefina Fernández, and Paloma Salas. Infante, a former teacher at a university where female students took part in the 2018 protests, drew inspiration from their experiences for the script.

The Wave promises to be a thought-provoking and inspiring film that explores important themes of feminism, activism, and the power of collective voice. With a talented cast and crew, captivating musical compositions, and a compelling storyline, this movie is sure to make an impact on audiences worldwide. Sebastián Lelio’s vision to combine the musical genre with themes of feminism and social change is a bold and timely endeavor that is bound to resonate with viewers. Look out for The Wave to hit theaters soon and be prepared to be moved by its powerful message.


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